Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update- No one likes cold turkey

After almost two weeks I have to say that taking the pacifier away from Luke has not been too bad. We decided that we would take it away completely. Not for nap time, not in the car, and not for bedtime, a.k.a. COLD TURKEY! . Luke does really good at school. His teachers say that nap time is going good, and he is able to go to sleep without having his 'pace' most days. Other days they have to rub his back and sit with him for a few minutes before he falls asleep. Here at home he is doing okay. He is waking up early and has not figured out how to put himself back to sleep. Naps are a trying too. Luke found a 'pace' under a table Saturday morning and Scott had him put it in the trash. ( But not before he stuck it in his mouth a few times!) I hope that it continues to get easier in the next few weeks.

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